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Episode 3 – “Going…Down?”

Amy is a young business turk who is on the fast-track to success. Just as her company is about to be acquired by the powerful Japanese conglomerate Yamashima Industries, Amy’s entire life goes down the toilet after the truth about a “unique” celebratory sushi lunch with her new boss is revealed.


Hold onto your britches, bitches… for we all have a TALE TO TELL.

Throughout time, man has sought to understand the inner workings and nuances of the human body. Many have spent their entire lives in pursuit of this knowledge, but there is one constant in every human being’s life —

when you have to go, you HAVE to go. 

Starring Reno Wilson, Amy Davidson, Miranda Bailey, Mitzi McCall, Toby Meuli, Steve Olson, Zack Selwyn, Nicole Butler, Courtney Scheuerman and Michael Rivkin as THE CRAPKEEPER.

Written and created by Brian Rousso and Marc Blitstein.

Directed by Peter Novitch

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